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Electric Tractors Are Coming To Clean Up Agriculture

October 1, 2023
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The electric vehicle movement is coming for agriculture next.

The big idea:

Who is making moves:

  • California based startup Monarch Tractors has developed a fully electric tractor that can also be self driving
  • Monarch also has leading edge artificial intelligence technology to allow you to monitor your tractor and see real time data around operations
  • Monarch claims their tractors can be used in agriculture, vineyards, orchards and even solar farms

Going deeper:

  • Autonomous tractors represent a huge opportunity given the remote locations of many farms and the sheer size of many agriculture properties which often require multiple tractors operating at the same time

By the numbers:

  • Switching from fuel powered tractors to electric tractors reduces approximately 50 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year, per tractor

The intrigue:

  • Monarch Tractors recently signed a deal to supply Constellation Brands with their electric tractors
  • The cameras and sensors attached to Monarch’s tractors are powered by Nvidia’s computing platform

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