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Esketamine is Disrupting Traditional Depression Treatments

October 7, 2023
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Psychedelic medicines keep showing enormous therapeutic potential in clinical research.

And the implications might be starting to disrupt traditional pharmaceuticals.

What’s happening:

  • Johnson and Johnson’s FDA approved esketamine nasal spray, known as Spravato, recently was shown in new clinical research to be more effective for treatment resistant depression than popular anti depressant medication Quetiapine
  • The clinical data suggests that Spravato led to better outcomes for patients after two months when compared to Quetiapine

Why it matters:

  • Treatment resistant depression is a very difficult indication to treat and esketamine is showing significant promise for better outcomes for patients
  • Spravato was Johnson and Johnson’s fastest growing drug globally in their ‘Neuroscience’ medicine portfolio according to their latest publicly disclosed numbers
  • Spravato is widely thought of as the first psychedelic derived medicine to be commercialized by a major pharmaceutical company in the United States

Yes, but:

  • Esketamine is not considered to be a classic psychedelic by many given it is not a naturally occurring psychoactive compound

Going deeper:

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