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Europe Hosts Its First Official Lab Grown Meat Tasting

April 21, 2024
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Europe is embracing lab grown meat.

What’s happening:

  • Dutch cultivated meat startup Meatable has hosted the first ever legally approved lab grown meat tasting in Europe

The big idea:

  • Meatable has developed a cell cultivated pork sausage that is biologically identical to traditional meat, but is produced without harming any animals

Why it matters:

  • Cell cultivated meat has been rapidly accelerating due to recent regulatory approvals for human consumption across the United States, Singapore and Israel
  • Venture capital has also continued to pour into lab grown meat startups, including a notable recent large funding round for Mosa Meat to ramp up production of their cultivated beef burgers which are getting ready to officially launch in Singapore

Going deeper:

  • Meatable recently received regulatory approval around their product safety from a third party committee sanctioned by the Dutch government

The intrigue:

  • Amongst the first individuals to sample Meatable’s lab grown meat at their European tasting was Michelin starred chef Ron Blaauw

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