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The Launch Of Lab Grown Meat Burgers

April 19, 2024
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Lab grown meat burgers are coming to Singapore.

What’s happening:

  • Cultivated meat startup Mosa Meat has raised $42.4M USD in a new financing round
  • The round was led by Lowercarbon Capital and M Ventures

Why it matters:

  • Lab grown meat is one of the most exciting areas of food tech and is getting closer than ever to mass adoption as more countries continue to grant groundbreaking regulatory approvals for cell cultivated meat to be consumed by human beings

By the numbers:

  • Mosa Meat has raised more than $135M USD in venture capital funding since inception
  • The first lab grown meat burger Mosa Meat ever debuted cost approximately $330,000 to research and develop

Going deeper:

  • Mosa Meat is co-founded by Dr. Mark Post, who is widely considered to be the first individual to ever successfully produce a lab grown meat burger
  • Mosa Meat has received regulatory approval to launch their lab grown meat burgers in Singapore and is ramping up their production capabilities ahead of their official launch

The intrigue:

  • Cultivated meat for animal consumption has also been on the rise, with multiple startups landing venture capital funding to bring lab grown meat to pets

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