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Lab Grown Meat Retail Sales Have Launched In Singapore

May 17, 2024
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Singapore has officially put lab grown meat on store shelves for the first time in history.

What’s happening:

  • Good Meat has announced they have become the first company to ever launch cell cultivated meat into retail stores in Singapore
  • The initial product launch from Good Meat is focused on their novel formulation of chicken, which previously was only available at select tasting events in the United States and Singapore

Why it matters:

  • Lab grown meat has been on a rapid rise recently, with regulatory approvals from the United States, Singapore and Israel
  • Lab grown meat shows enormous promise for being able to produce genuine animal protein without the need for factory farming, which has both ethical issues and environmental implications due to the large emissions of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that are a consequence of livestock farming

Going deeper:

  • Good Meat is a subsidiary of Eat Just, who has risen to exceptional popularity for their flagship plant based egg products
  • Cell cultivated meat startup Mosa Meat also recently announced that they are getting ready to launch lab grown meat burgers in Singapore, after raising a new Series B financing round led by Lowercarbon Capital

The fine print:

  • While Good Meat has launched cell cultivated meat into retail stores for the first time ever, their initial product formulation only contains 3% of lab grown meat with the other 97% being comprised of plant based ingredients

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