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LionVolt Wants To Disrupt Solid State Batteries

February 18, 2024
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Solid state batteries are an enormous opportunity. And there’s a new startup who wants to lead the race to develop leading edge battery technology.

What’s happening:

  • Dutch battery technology startup LionVolt has raised €15M in a new financing round
  • The new growth capital will go towards advancing their production of next generation solid state batteries

The big idea:

  • LionVolt is leveraging thin film technology to develop a 3D solid state battery that has high performance, fast charging times and is engineered with intrinsic safety that significantly reduces any risk of explosions
  • LionVolt is aiming to manufacture solid state batteries that are lighter than traditional lithium-ion batteries and have much quicker charging times

Why it matters:

By the numbers:

  • LionVolt was spun out of well known technology accelerator TNO Holst Centre after 7 years of research and development around next generation battery technology
  • The 3D solid state batteries being produced by LionVolt are aiming to be 50% lighter than traditional lithium-ion batteries

Going deeper:

  • Lithium-ion batteries exploding or catching fire has become an increasingly large concern, which LionVolt aims to change by building solid state batteries that can operate at high temperatures without risk of explosion or igniting on fire
  • LionVolt also recently acquired a battery production site based in Scotland to accelerate their manufacturing capabilities

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