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Mine Operators Are Now Using Artificial Intelligence

November 16, 2023
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Machine failures at mines are a big issue. And artificial intelligence might be the way to solve it.

What’s happening:

  • Israeli based artificial intelligence company Razor Labs (TA:RZR) has entered into a partnership with a prominent mining company to use their AI technology to prevent machine failure
  • The partnership will integrate one of Razor Lab’s flagship products, known as DataMind AI, into mining operations in Australia, South Africa and the United States

How it works:

  • DataMind AI uses sensors and cameras to monitor machinery and cross reference all the data it gathers to try to accurately predict future failures or maintenance
  • Razor Lab’s then leverages artificial intelligence to build a comprehensive model to better understand when machines are getting close to failure and what early warning signs are typical prior to machine malfunction

Why it matters:

  • Machine failures are an enormous risk for human safety in mining operations and artificial intelligence could potentially unlock new predictive capabilities to combat dangerous mechanical issues

By the numbers:

  • Razor Labs will deploy over 8,400 unique sensors across 14 different mining locations
  • The sensor and camera hardware alone is expected to cost over $9M
  • In total, Razor Lab’s will receive approximately $19M to fully develop the new project

Market reaction:

  • Shares of Razor Lab’s rocketed up over +300% on the announcement of their significant new partnership

The intrigue:

  • Mining giants such as Glencore and Newmont are already using Razor Lab’s artificial intelligence technology for their own operations

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