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Nvidia Is Backing The Next Generation of 3D Metal Printing

November 5, 2023
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While Nvidia continues to make waves in the artificial intelligence and computing space, they've also been betting on a flurry of new startups. And now they’re backing something new: 3D metal printing.

What’s happening:

  • Nvidia’s venture arm has led the $99M USD Series C financing in 3D metal printing startup Seurat
  • Wilmington, Massachusetts based Seurat is building 3D metal printing technology with a low carbon footprint to change the future of manufacturing

Why it matters:

  • Manufacturing is a huge source of direct carbon emissions due to the fact that most machinery is powered by fossil fuels

By the numbers:

  • In the United States, 23% of all carbon emissions come from manufacturing
  • In Europe, manufacturing emits approximately 880 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year

Going deeper:

  • Seurat relies on renewable energy to power their 3D printing machinery which leads to a massive reduction in emissions
  • 3D printing is also known for it’s environmental benefits due to its ability to reduce material waste and produce light weight parts
  • Seurat has a number of notable venture investors including Honda Motors, True Ventures, General Motors Ventures, Xerox Venture Capital, Cubit Capital and more

The intrigue:

  • The name Seurat comes from the famous French painter George Seurat who ushered in a new style of painting known as ‘pointillism’ which used thousands of small brush strokes to change a viewers perception of a painting
  • Seurat’s 3D printing technology relies on a powerful laser that contains 2.3M pixels and micro-welds in a vastly different way compared to traditional additive manufacturing

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