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Nvidia's New Quantum Computing Healthcare Project

November 20, 2023
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Life sciences and biotechnology have been seeing major breakthroughs recently due to leveraging artificial intelligence. But is quantum computing the next frontier?

What’s happening:

  • Tel Aviv based quantum computing startup Classiq and GPU leader Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) have partnered together with the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre to build a new centre for quantum computing for life sciences and healthcare
  • The mission of the new centre is to build quantum algorithms that can revolutionize drug discovery, molecular analysis, treatment coordination and more

Why it matters:

  • Quantum computing is widely seen as a potentially exponential area of innovation for healthcare and biotechnology due to its ability to process multifaceted data at rapid speed

Going deeper:

  • The new centre, called the Quantum Computing For Life Sciences and Healthcare Centre, will host Nvidia’s H100 GPUs and provide access to Classiq’s software infrastructure
  • Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre has been leveraging artificial intelligence technology for nearly a decade and is considered one of the most innovative healthcare operators globally
  • Part of the focus of the Quantum Computing For Life Sciences and Healthcare Centre will be in helping train individuals who are not yet familiar with quantum computing and giving them access to leading edge technology and hardware to begin learning

The intrigue:

  • One area that the new centre will explore is if quantum computing can help optimize the pharmaceutical supply chain in order to quickly analyze large sets of data to bring patients their medications much faster than is currently possible

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