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Quandela Just Shipped Europe's First Quantum Computer

November 12, 2023
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Quantum computing might be moving closer to reality.

What’s happening:

  • Paris, France based quantum computing startup Quandela has raised €50M in a Series B financing round
  • The new round saw participation from notable investors including European Innovation Council Fund, Credit Mutuel Innovation, OMNES Capital and others

Why it matters:

  • Quandela recently delivered their first quantum computer to a datacenter, becoming the first company in Europe to ship a quantum computer to an industrial purchaser
  • Quantum computing is gaining enormous interest from the venture capital community and even technology giants such as Microsoft

Going deeper:

  • Quandela launched their quantum computer manufacturing facility earlier this year and is currently producing three types of different machines

The intrigue:

  • One of France’s largest energy companies EDF has a partnership with Quandela to build simulations of hydroelectric dam deformations, which are generally caused by extreme water pressure in the reservoir
  • EDF believes that collaborating with Quandela to build quantum computing algorithms can potentially enable simulations that provide faster and more accurate insights into complex systems related to energy production

By the numbers:

  • Over 50 engineers who specialize in semiconductors, quantum optics, algorithms and computer science are building quantum computing technology at Quandela

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