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SteakHolder Foods Showcases World's First 3D Printed Eel Meat

December 29, 2023
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Finding sustainable and ethical sources of fish has been an ongoing challenge across the world. But is 3D printing the future of seafood?

What’s happening:

  • Israel based deep-tech food company Steakholder Foods (NASDAQ: STKH) has launched the world’s first plant based, 3D printed eel
  • Through their proprietary 3D printing technology, Steakholder Foods has replicated both the texture and taste of traditional eel

Why it matters:

  • Slaughter free meat is one of the fastest growing spaces in food technology, as it addresses both ethical and environmental concerns caused by traditional factory farming

Going deeper:

  • While Steakholder Foods has initially launched a plant based version of 3D printed eel, they plan to develop a cell cultivated version in the near future
  • Steakholder Foods is looking to monetize their 3D printed eel by selling commercial partners their proprietary printers and ink, enabling them to rapidly scale their own production

The intrigue:

  • Eel as a species is facing a major risk of extinction, largely due to difficulties in breeding eel in farms and illegal fishing globally

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