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The Startup Scoring Electric Vehicle Battery Health

January 11, 2024
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The health of an electric vehicle battery is not something that is easy to determine. But now, there’s a startup aiming to change that.

What’s happening:

  • Seattle based electric vehicle battery data startup Recurrent has raised $16M USD in a Series A financing round

The big idea:

  • Recurrent has built a technology that determines the health of electric vehicle batteries by providing an individual score to each battery
  • Electric vehicle batteries degrade over time due to a multitude of factors including temperature, charging consistency and battery chemistry
  • Recurrent offers detailed data and analytics on the overall health of a electric vehicle battery to help increase transparency in the used electric vehicle space

By the numbers:

  • 25,000 electric vehicle owners have signed up to Recurrent to better understand the health of the battery in their car
  • Over 100 car dealerships currently pay Recurrent to access their analytics
  • Recurrent is able to assess the battery health of 65 different types of electric vehicles
  • Since inception Recurrent has raised a total of $19M USD in venture capital funding

Going deeper:

  • Recurrent is a spin out company from notable Seattle based startup studio Pioneer Square Labs
  • Pioneer Square Labs has incubated companies such as Russell Wilson founded Tally, which was recently acquired by Nike (NYSE: NKE)

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