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The Startup Making Honey Without Bees

January 22, 2024
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Honey comes from bees. But there's a startup who is aiming to change that.

What’s happening:

  • Food technology startup MeliBio has landed a major distribution partnership in Austria and Switzerland for their plant based honey that is made entirely without bees

By the numbers:

  • MeliBio’s new partnership with ALDI is worth $10 million across 4 years
  • The partnership will enable ALDI to utilize MeliBio’s plant based honey in their own brands and reach 75,000 stores across all of Europe

The big idea:

  • Producing honey from bees is becoming increasingly challenging due to the decline of bee populations which are a consequence of viruses, parasites and climate change
  • Leveraging precision fermentation to produce honey without bees enables MeliBio to be highly competitive in terms of cost and scalability in comparison to traditional honey

Going deeper:

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