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The FDA Approves Animal-Free Milk Proteins

January 14, 2024
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The FDA has approved animal free milk proteins. And it might signify the beginning of a new paradigm for dairy production.

What’s happening:

  • Israel based food technology startup Imagindairy has received FDA approval for their animal free milk proteins
  • Imagindairy creates milk proteins from microorganisms through precision fermentation technology

Why it matters:

  • The new FDA approval will open up opportunities for partnerships and commercialization for Imagindairy to begin rolling out their products in the United States for the first time ever
  • This is yet another important moment of regulatory validation for leading edge food technology companies, as the FDA continues to signal that cell cultivated meat and animal free dairy is going to be the future of food
  • Precision fermentation and cellular agriculture have shown enormous promise in solving the negative environmental consequences and greenhouse gas emissions caused by traditional dairy farming

Going deeper:

By the numbers:

  • Imagindairy was founded based on more than 15 years of research at Tel Aviv University
  • Their proprietary milk proteins use 98% less water than traditional dairy farming

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