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TIME Magazine Is Getting Onto The Blockchain

June 18, 2024
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One of the largest media companies in the world is bringing their content onto the blockchain. But, why?

What’s happening:

  • Fox Corporation has announced they have brought TIME onto their newly launched Verify Protocol as a content and publishing partner
  • TIME is the first company outside of the Fox Corporation to partner with the Verify Protocol

The big idea:

  • Fox Corporation incubated the Verify Protocol with Polygon Labs to use cryptography to sign media onto the blockchain
  • Once media is signed onto the blockchain, users know it has been independently verified and is able to be legally licensed
  • Fox Corporation plans to use the Verify Protocol in partnership with artificial intelligence startups who need to train their models on large amounts of data and content

Why it matters:

  • Large language models and artificial intelligence startups have caused a lot of controversy and legal concerns over illegally training their technology on data which they do not own or posses a license to
  • Fox Corporation is aiming to be a first mover in licensing media to artificial intelligence startups by leveraging smart contracts and blockchain technology

Going deeper:

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