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Zefiro Has Their First Methane Reduction Project on American Carbon Registry

April 30, 2024
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Generating high quality carbon credits from reducing the methane emissions of oil and gas infrastructure is getting closer.

What’s happening:

  • Zefiro Methane (CBOE:ZEFI) has registered their first methane reduction project on American Carbon Registry

Why it matters:

  • American Carbon Registry was the first carbon crediting program to ever be launched and is still one of the largest carbon credit programs globally
  • Zefiro having their first project registered on American Carbon Registry brings them closer to being able to monetize high quality carbon credits generated through reducing methane leaks at abandoned oil and gas wells

Going deeper:

  • American Carbon Registry previously launched new methodology for generating carbon credits which allows carbon credits to be produced from environmental remediation as opposed to only carbon dioxide emission reduction
  • Zefiro is actively working with local governments within the United States to limit methane leaks from abandoned oil and gas infrastructure


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