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Electric Air Taxis Are Preparing For Liftoff

March 28, 2024
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Electric air taxis are on the rise. And they might be on the verge of disrupting short distance travel.

What’s happening:

  • Electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft manufacturer TCab Tech has raised $20M USD in a new financing round
  • TCab Tech also announced they will be exploring ways to bring their electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft to the Middle East

Why it matters:

  • Electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft are one of the most promising technologies for decarbonizing the air, which is of critical important as it relates to getting closer to net zero emissions globally

By the numbers:

  • TCab’s flagship aircraft known as the E20 can carry 5 passengers
  • The maximum range of the E20 is 200 kilometres and is capable of maintaining a cruising speed of 260 kilometres per hour
  • TCab Tech has received a pre-order of 50 aircraft from with Asian Express Aviation Group, one of the leaders in short distance travel in Asia
  • Since inception TCab has raised approximately $45M USD in venture capital funding

Going deeper:

  • Electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft startups have been on the rise, with Archer Aviation (NYSE: ACHR) previously announcing a notable partnership with Air Chateau to bring their electric air taxi to Dubai

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